1. The Bedroom: Smarten It Up Via Colors And Furniture

    If you choose a chandelier it does not have to be a large elaborate piece. It can be a small and distinguished piece that will compliment your decor. Again a well placed crystal chandelier can have a huge impact on your staging design theme. They come in many different styles as well as sizes. Typically crystal chandeliers have been thought of as a more traditional lighting fixture. But this is not true. Many manufactures are making them in more modern designs.

    White Ash is often ...
  2. Whatever You Are Questioning About Interior Design

    A great way to make your decorating ideas brighter is to install a mirror directly across from your window. If you place the mirror strategically across from a window, it will give them impression of there being two windows. Of course, this will result in the room appearing like you have light coming in from all directions.

    There's no way around it. The Subaru Tribeca is not an attractive vehicle. The interior bedroom design is rather snazzy to look at, but the swoopy lines of the ...